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For SOPH/The Marian Association to grow and thrive, financial gifts are absolutely vital to us. It is nearly eighteen years since The Marian Association began in 1993 and it is time for our charitable trust to come of age. We need:

  • Premises with dedicated clinical and healing and seminar/training rooms.
  • Research facilities into integrative/energy medicine.
  • Funding to co-develop The Village Well – A Centre for Health, Education and Healing – with collaborative partners. This is a social enterprise vision, self-funding after start-up, and repeatable in the regions. It is designed to provide a whole range of services to local communities for adult education, healing and development.
  • Bursary Fund, for students with limited means, especially those who are single parents, or travel a distance each week to our courses.
  • Website and other developed services.

How to leave a gift in your Will:
If you have already made a will you can, if you wish, include a Legacy by adding a simple codicil, which can be completed with the help of a solicitor.

If you have not yet made a will but wish to do so, a solicitor will guide you in the process, or there are good templates available on the web.

All legacies and bequests are enormously valued and acknowledged personally. We receive them with great thanksgiving.

The Marian Association/SOPH
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