Society for Psychology & Healing

Postgraduate Diploma in Jungian Studies:

An online, distance learning option over three Modules, one year.
For trained Practitioners only.

At SOPH we are always interested in the tradition of personal mentoring, established within alchemy and Jungian studies. We see it as a most useful addition to on-going learning. This course therefore, as a derivative of our MA provided since 2002, is intended as a postgraduate programme for professionals who specifically wish to learn more about Jungian/Transpersonal psychology, through distance learning and within the structure of personal mentoring.

The course is only available to those who have already undertaken an extensive training in analytic counselling, psychotherapy or a compatible field, who have a particular interest in Jung and spiritual psychology, and who already have substantial practice hours.

Uniquely designed and tailored over one year in three co-ordinated Modules, the programme will provide the following:

  • In-depth study of Jungian/Transpersonal Psychology: Theory and Practice.
  • Dreamwork Theory: Symbols, associations, amplification, image, inner work.
  • Dreamwork Practical (Dream Journal)
  • Psychodynamic Theory: human development, symptom formation, dynamics.
  • Practitioner Development
  • Case Study examples
  • Portfolio of work

Each student receives: A Personal Diary Plan/learning pack, set reading by week, Indicative texts, audio lectures, Dreamwork Journal, regular mentoring (skype/phone/email options), a Portfolio of completed assignments, Bibliography.

For Prospectus, full details of Modules, and course fee, please email direct to:

The course can be started at virtually any point in the year. Accreditations and affiliations are currently in process for credits and CPD value.

Working together for personal insight, change and healing.

as part of improved self-
help and wellness ..

Career, relationships, family issues, healing the past, Inner Child, life-choices and new opportunites.