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Jungian Psychology-
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Theory and Practice

Theory and Practice ..

Holistic/Healing Approaches

We are pleased to give the following Mission Statement in support of our educational aims and objectives:

Mission Statement:

The Marian Association has been established as a Registered Charitable Trust since 1995. It has as its study the processes of psychology and healing with a commitment to lifelong learning.

As the Training Division of the Trust, The Society for Psychology & Healing is committed to the pursuit of excellence in a distinctive combination of disciplines:

  1. Psychology and the healing arts.
  2. The development of therapeutic services.
  3. Practitioner training.

From 2002 - 2014 we have been a Collaborative Partner to Middlesex University, providing an MA in Psychotherapy & Healing Practice with annual student intakes. From 2015 our training provision is changing and under review. If you are interested in Postgraduate provision from SOPH (Jungian, Integrative, Creative, with inclusion of healing approaches and care of the whole person), please email for further updates and Tasters to

For psyche and body are not separate entities
but one and the same life.

- C.G. Jung, Collected Works Vol 17

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Study Groups

Study Groups

Focus Groups

Focus Groups