Society for Psychology & Healing
St. James’s church

St. James’s Piccadilly
1981 - 1993

The Centre for Health & Healing began at St James’s in 1981 from a small meditation group

The Centre for Health & Healing

The Reverend Donald Reeves arrived at St James’s Church, in the heart of London, in November 1980. Under his exceptional guidance and generosity, a whole new ministry began and a host of projects, which gradually brought thousands of people to the Church in Piccadilly. The Centre for Health & Healing was one of those projects. It began from a small group for prayer and meditation and within three years had become established as an active Centre, in the downstairs basement of the Rectory, providing some 5,000 client hours a year of low-cost or free services.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge here the exceptional support, vision and great care from Donald together with two other very special people: James Williams, who was with us for the last nine months of his earthly life, and Mary Spain great supporter and friend.

Theory and Practice

Stella Maris launch

Theory and Practice

The Iona Cross

Beverly Martin, Director and Maryanne Grant Traylen (Editor) at the launch of Stella Maris The Iona Cross, bequeathed to us by Dr and Mrs Ian Pearce

Developments at and from St. James’s ..

1981-1993: An integrated team of seventeen part-time Practitioners, working free or at low-cost/sliding scale. We provided counselling, healing, osteopathy, cranial-sacral, reflexology, acupuncture, homoeopathy, chiropractic, including fortnightly walk-in healing clinics.

A programme of groups, lectures, workshops was also developed by Beverly Martin and team including Jung & Christianity, Psychology & Healing, The Search for Wholeness Programme, lunchtime meditations, the Edgar Cayce Search for God groups, Yoga, cancer care, contemplative prayer. On the 444th anniversary of the death of Paracelsus our colleague June Marsh danced the Alchemical Wedding in the Church.

1995: Beverly Martin established The Marian Association, to develop training courses in Jungian Psychology & Healing. Diploma courses provided annually.

1997: Stella Maris, a Journal of Jungian and Marian Studies published with Maryanne Grant Traylen, Editor.

2002: Diploma course Validated as an MA in Psychotherapy & Healing/PGDip by Middlesex University as a 2-year, part-time post-graduate course. We have provided an annual intake each year since then. In 2008 the Programme was re-validated by Middlesex University for a further six years.