Society for Psychology & Healing

Our MA/PGDip. Core syllabus:

Themes and Units:

Theme 1: Analytical Psychology:
Unit 1: Analytical/Jungian psychology.
Unit 2: Psychoanalytic theory.
Unit 3: Analytic Insights.
Unit 4: Dreamwork: Theory and Practice.

Theme 2: Holistic and Spiritual Healing:
Unit 1: Theory and Practice.
Unit 2: Healing and Life-stages.
Unit 3: Complementary Medicine.

Theme 3: Case Management:
Unit 1: Fundamentals.
Unit 2: Boundaries and Dynamics.

Theme 4: Personal Development:
Unit 1: Personal therapy (40 sessions through the course).
Unit 2: Client supervision (as part of the course syllabus).
Unit 3: Portfolio: created and kept through the course.

Units and Elements from each Theme are taken continuously through the 2-year, part-time teaching Programme over six Modules, six Terms.

Core Theoretical Framework:

Clinical training is informed by an integrative, psychodynamic approach which includes:

  • Freudian and post-Freudian theory on development from infancy and childhood,
    including Klein, Winnicott, Erickson, Bowlby.
  • Jungian and post-Jungian theory on development of the self

This approach is further informed by understanding of uncs. processes including transference, counter-transference, defences, projections and introjections together with individual work on dreams from the Jungian perspective. It also includes some opportunities for self-realisation and personal development where indicated. These elements of theory and practice are set within a holistic view of the person which acknowledges a potential integration and healing of body, mind, spirit and feeling as innate to each individual. The approach also includes client support and pastoral care where appropriate.

Students take BACP Student Membership, working towards Individual and Accredited Membership over time. Mentoring is available from staff for BACP Accreditation/UKCP Registration for both students and SOPH Graduates.