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Stepping stones

Stepping stones.

SOPH Professional Membership:

Professional Clinical Membership is offered to Graduates who have successfully completed the SOPH MA in Psychotherapy & Healing Practice, or the Post-Graduate Diploma, validated by Middlesex University. The benefits of Membership include:

  • The Professional designation M.SOPH.
  • Mentoring and supervision for BACP/UKCP.
  • Regular Newsletter by email.
  • Referrals Register for the public, hard copy/web.
  • CPD Workshops. Optional 2-term CBT/CAT training.
  • Supervisor training.
  • Annual Conference.
  • Clinical and research opportunities.

In addition to our Validation by Middlesex University, the course is Accredited by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine/British Register. Graduates may apply to the BRCP to Register their practice which carries the designation BRCP(Psych), for Membership of the Psychotherapy Division. We have also worked closely with the ICNM/BRCP to develop Senior Practitioner status and Fellowship of the ICNM, both of which are now formally active.

All students are advised to take Individual or Student Membership of the BACP or UKCP working towards Accreditation or Registration, with mentoring available from within our staff group for both students and SOPH Graduates.